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Russian Sambo Cup has taken place in Kstovo, Russia

Wrestling tournament has finished on the 4th of October.

05.Oct.14 4:37 PM
By Irina Sportkor


Russian Sambo Cup has taken place in Kstovo, Russia
Russian Sambo Cup in wrestling started on the 1st of October in Kstovo. The competition has taken place in the International Sambo Wrestling Academy. A lot of Russian sportsmen have participated in this tournament including winners of European and International wrestling competitions. The event has already finished on the 4th of October.

The main goal of this competition is to stress out the most ambitious and strong Russian wrestlers for the upcoming international championship that will take place in 2015.

It should also be mentioned that International tournament between wrestlers from the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kstovo has taken place on the 12th of September in Sambo Wrestling Academy.

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