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Russian Salmon will be Available for Consumers

Russian fish producers are going to bred domestic salmon.

14.May.15 4:11 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Salmon will be Available for Consumers
Russian consumers will be able to buy domestic salmon in the nearest future. Several fish producing companies will deal with breeding domestic salmon. Such information appeared on the official website of Russian Fishing Industry.

According to available information nurseries for growing fry will be constructed n two man enterprises which are supervised by Russian Government. They include Murmanrybvod and Karelrybvod fish producing factories.

At the same time Sergey Gudkov who is the president of Russian Fish Union said that earlier such fish producing enterprises were mainly equipped with foreign techniques, equipment and other necessary facilities from abroad. But the times have changed and now such companies won’t be 100% dependent on foreign suppliers.

Gudkov is absolutely certain about the fact that Russia will be able to learn this type of activities due to the fact that there are experienced specialists and experts in breeding other spices which are practically equal to salmon.

It is also noted that if everything runs smoothly in this field, salmon grown in Russia will be available on stock in 4-5 years. This is how much times in necessary for all preparations and breeding itself.  

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