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Reuters: Saudi Arabia may raise oil output

Rivalry between Saudis and Iran may crumb the OPEC deal in the end of November.

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How to choose a computer game for a child
09.Nov.16 11:15 AM | 4

What parents need to pay attention.

How to choose a computer game
09.Nov.16 11:10 AM | 4

What parameters should be taken into account.

Why is it useful to play computer games
09.Nov.16 11:01 AM | 5

There are several reasons.

A spill in a PDVSA pipeline affects drinking water
08.Nov.16 3:18 PM | 6

The water is intoxicated across a 50-kilometer radius.

China buys a 20% stake in a Rosneft subsidiary
08.Nov.16 1:48 PM | 3

The deal is estimated at US $1.1 billion.

Saudi Aramco stops oil supplies to Egypt
07.Nov.16 3:16 PM | 6

The shipments were a part of a large aid deal between the two neighboring countries.

Gazprom expects to export 172 Bcm to Europe and Turkey
07.Nov.16 1:09 PM | 5

The demand for Russian natural gas is still high in the European countries.

US crude export hit a record level in September
07.Nov.16 11:50 AM | 4

According to new data, exports rose to 692,000 barrels per day.

Crude oil price and Russian economy
07.Nov.16 10:50 AM | 3

The country’s economy is still largely dependent on crude exports.

The benefits of computer games
07.Nov.16 3:26 AM | 7

The main thing - the right approach.

Algeria is sure that OPEC will not break the September agreement
06.Nov.16 5:43 PM | 7

The group's technical committee is working on the application of the deal.

Canadian Natural Resources restarts an oilsands project
06.Nov.16 2:05 PM | 11

This is the first such project that was approved in the last two years.

Reuters: Saudi Arabia may raise oil output
05.Nov.16 2:15 PM | 52

Rivalry between Saudis and Iran may crumb the OPEC deal in the end of November.

Interesting facts about the frame by Drake
04.Nov.16 3:15 PM | 38

He is a real anomaly in hip-hop community.

Led Zeppelin will restore a song recorded in 1969
04.Nov.16 2:41 PM | 31

There is an amateur recording.

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