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Russian pupils will get electronic textbooks in 4 months

Every Russian textbook will have an electronic version.

25.Aug.14 5:30 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russian pupils will get electronic textbooks in 4 months
According to order of Minister of Education every textbook which is available in Russian schools must have its electronic version by 2015. At the same time publishing houses have not received necessary orders yet.  Moreover the whole conception of implementing electronic textbooks is not clear.

Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov said that every textbook will have its electronic version in 2015. This fact will not have any influence on prices of educational literature. It will be the same. Every pupil will get a full set of necessary textbooks as well as access to their electronic versions.

The Official paid attention to the fact that parents will not have to buy new devices for using electronic textbooks. It will depend of abilities and financial needs of every family. Having electronic versions of educational literature will not be obligatory.

It should be noted that electronic textbooks is a program but not a gadget. Casual PCs can be used to get an access to all necessary educational information. Laptops, smartphones and tablets will make it possible to access electronic textbooks without any additional devices.

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