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Russian Products Price will keep growing

Prosecutor fines will not have necessary effect.

04.Feb.15 7:10 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Products Price will keep growing
The price of Russian products will continue to grow in spite of huge fines which have been established by prosecutors. Producers of milk, bread and vegetables say that prime cost depends on the currency exchange level and import.

At the same time according to the Head of Russian federal Antimonopoly Service price increase on bread, milk and vegetables was also affected by biased reasons during the last week. The list of products also includes meat, sunflower, sugar and other products.

The official has also reported about 98 criminal cases that have been initiated by 23rd of January. All these cases are connected to unreasonable price increase. Such actions are not related to external economic environment. Moreover the Head of Antimonopoly Service paid attention to the fact that the majority of products have nothing in common with import or their shares are very small. At the same time the price growth of these products can be from 30%-50%.

It should be noted that price of main food products in Russia has increased a lot over the last several months. In accordance with the information provided by Rosstat the list of main food products in different Russian regions has become 30% more expansive in December and it continues growing now

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