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Russian President answered the most important Questions

Vladimir Putin held annual press-conference yesterday.

19.Dec.14 8:30 AM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Russian President answered the most important Questions
Yesterday on the 18th of December Vladimir Putin held an annual press-conference at noon. This event has already turned into a tradition. It has taken place in the building of International Trading Center.

Journalists from different countries have taken part in this press-conference asking questions connected with economy of Russia, ruble exchange rate, situation in Ukraine and further economic development of the country. Press-secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that it was rather hard to determine the exact topic of press-conference due to the fact that a lot of different problems were going to be discussed.

In accordance with official statistics 1 259 journalists have been accredited for this event. They included not only Russian media workers but also journalists from all over the world.

This press-conference was shown live on all major Russian channels including “Russia 1”, “Russia 24”, “The First Chanel”.

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