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Russian Officials May be Left Without Major Benefits

Russian government is planning to reduce the costs as much as possible.

24.Jun.15 12:22 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Officials May be Left Without Major Benefits
Tomorrow budget projecting commission will hold a special meeting under supervision of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Optimization of costs will be the main topic for discussion. It may result in the fact the officials can be left without major part of their social benefits including long-term vacations, personal drivers and additional medical insurance.

Deputy Minister of Finance Maxim Oreshkin said that such measures have already been included in anti-crisis plan and approved by the Prime Minister in January 2015. Oreshkin has also noted that new law will bring rather serious limitations for the officials. They include limitations on transport servicing, reduction of construction capacity, which are necessary for settling of federal representatives. At the same time limitations will also be connected with medical insurance optimization costs, social and vacation supplement, etc.

It is known that the term of vacation will also be reduced for the officials. Now it is 45 days which is more than average vacation term in Russia. That is why this point also calls for reduction.

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