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Russian officials believe that blockchain will "seriously change" tourism industry

The head of the Federal Agency for Tourism in Russia, Oleg Safonov, has predicted that the technology of blockchain will transform the country's tourism market.

07.Nov.17 11:51 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Russian officials believe that blockchain will "seriously change" tourism industry

In his speech at the Kazan Tourism Forum 2017 on Friday, Safonov said that the tourism industry is on the verge of moving to new technologies, in particular, to blockchain. In a report by Russian news agency TASS, he argued that the blockchain could be used to improve the quality of services provided to tourists.

Safonov said:

"We are absolutely convinced in our federal agency that blockchain will seriously change the tourism market, although, in our opinion, this will happen not in two years, but in 5-10 years."

The official explained that new technologies, such as blockchain, will allow tourists to work directly with service providers, thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries, which would make the product more quality, less expensive, and also increase the supplier's responsibility for the final service.

Despite caution on cryptocurrency trading in the country, Russia is generally more favourable relates to the blockchain technology.

Last month, the government announced plans to test the system for registering land plots on the basis of blockchain early next year. Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia has spoken about the possible use of the blockchain by the government, saying that technology could see "widespread use" in public administration.

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