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Russian Nordic Walkers were Disqualified

Another dope scandal has taken place in Russian track and field athletics.

23.Jan.15 5:18 PM
By Irina Klyachina


Russian Nordic Walkers were Disqualified
RusADA which deals with dope investigations among sportsmen has completed another examination. The results turned out to be rather frustrating. 5 popular Russian sportsmen have been disqualified in accordance to official information. All of them are rather famous on the world’s arena and have won several rather prestigious titles.

Medalist of the world Vladimir Kanaykin received a lifetime ban. Olympic champion Valery Borchin got 8-year disqualification. 3-year disqualification was assigned to Olympic champions Olga Kaninskaya and Sergey Kirdyapkin as well as world’s champion Sergey Bakulin. All their results will be terminated that will lead to a loss of 7 medals that have been one during different international tournaments and championships during 2009-2012.

Russian Minister of Sports Vitaliy Mutko gavshared his opinion about the results of dope investigation and said that track and field athletics has always been rather risky type of sports when it comes to dope examination and usage. He also said that Ministry of Sports was well-aware about investigation that was held by RusADA: “This investigation was initiated in the base of data which was provided by sportsmen’s passports. Disqualification of 5 Nordic walkers is reminding of our past mistakes”. At the same time Minister also noted that they are not the only people who are guilty of such violations. Representatives of training centers who worked with sportsmen during that period of time should also be punished as they didn’t prevent possible consequences. In other words we should expect serious staff changes in the nearest future.

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