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Russian Ministry of Health asks to return Sobering-up Stations

They still should be supervised by police departments.

25.Mar.15 9:05 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Russian Ministry of Health asks to return Sobering-up Stations
The Head of Russian Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova asks government to return sobering-up station system which was terminated during Home Office reformation made 4 years ago. Minister is sure that drunken people need more safety rather than medical assistance.

Historically sobering-up station system used to be supervised by police departments. Policemen were obliged to pick up drunk from the streets and take them to special establishments where they were able to sleep till the morning safely away from danger and troubles. Such sobering-up stations offered all necessary facilities as well as medical help in case of necessity. However such service was not free. Special fees were established after person left the station. However starting from 2011 sobering-up station system was eliminated and police department were left without necessary facilities and rooms. That is why all drunk are collected by ambulances and brought to the nearest hospitals.

Minister also noted during expanded meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy that not all drunk require medical assistance. It is the matter of their safety and security in the majority of cased. The main aim is to prevent them from freezing and any type of criminal activities.

“Our opinion coincides with previous representatives of Ministry of health and Social Policy. The necessity of sobering-up stations has increased over the last years. It should be arranged in form of special monitoring system which will make it possible to prevent drunken people from any kind of dangers and troubles”, - said Skvortsova.

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