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Russian Ministry of Education Published List of Useless Occupations

Some of the may disappear from educational program of high schools and universities.

24.Dec.14 12:54 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russian Ministry of Education Published List of Useless Occupations
Russian Ministry of Science and Education worked out new project of occupations which will disappear from educational programs of Russian high schools and universities. Such information has been published in “Russian Newspaper”.

In accordance with this information the list of occupations includes those which are absolutely useless for Russian economy. This list was also created on base of students’ which to obtain those occupations.

It should also be noted that this is already 2nd attempt to optimize educational system of secondary vocational education. The first variant of the project included the following occupations:  hairdressers, reindeer-machine operators, fitters, underground electricians, growers, watch repairers and others. However new project includes only 60 occupations. They are brewers, ice-cream producers, electricians of medical equipment, mechanics, producers of prosthetic and orthopedic products, etc.

On the other hand employers are sure that if such list will be approved by the government, some sphere will suffer from lack of specialists.

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