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Russian Ministry of Defense Published Unique Documents Related to the Beginning of WWII

The main aim is to protect historical truth and prevent it from any types of falsification.

07.Apr.15 2:28 PM
By Anna Nekrasova
Photo executivegov


Russian Ministry of Defense Published Unique Documents Related to the Beginning of WWII
Russian Ministry of Defense revealed unique documents and materials related to the first days of WWII. Documents include original copy of order made by People's Commissar of Defense on June 22, 1941. At the same time combat and intelligence reports from different Soviet regions can also be fund among those unique materials which had TOP SECRET classification.

According to information provided by TASS all secret documents and materials have been published on the official website of Russian Ministry of Defense. This is the first time in history they are reveled and available to the public.
Representatives of the department also introduced “First Day of War” exhibition to the public. It also includes wide range of historical documents including collection of particular papers related to WWII. All published materials were kept in Central Archive of Ministry of Defense for many years. Eventually they were revealed.

People's Commissar of Defense order #2 contains rules and measures which should be taken in order to repel attack of enemies. Those measures were determined during the first meeting of politics, militaries and officials of the highest rate.

Opening of such exhibition is another step for Russian Ministry of Defense aimed on protection of historical truth and facts. The main idea is to prevent any kind of history falsifications and efforts to overview the results of WWII.

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