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Russian Ministry of Defense Refuted Rumors about Exhausted Draftee

He was believed to be “carried on sledges” on shooting training.

06.Apr.15 11:44 AM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Russian Ministry of Defense Refuted Rumors about Exhausted Draftee
Recently there appeared information about exhausted draftee he was recruited to the military service despite the fact his weight was only 45 kilograms. Such information was provided by lawyer from Chelyabinsk Valeria Prihodkina. According to her statement a man was so exhausted that he called for an outside help in order to get to his shooting trainings. They say his mates had to carry him on sledges.

The soldier himself was deeply surprised by such news and promised lawyer to prove that he has excellent health conditions and shooting skills. Yaroslav Roschupkin who is representative of the Central Military District told that draftee recruited in October 2014 weighted more than it was reported before. His weight was 49 kilograms.

That is why he was prescribed with extra deeding in order to improve his health conditions. After 6 months of military service his weight was 55.4 kilograms. Such rate meets all necessary military standards and lets man continue his service in Russian army considering his adynamic physique. Young draftee is learning skills of the head of radio station and has never faced any problems in passing all necessary physical and other tests according to representatives of Russian Ministry of Defense. That is why all rumors about “sledges” and inability to get to the shooting trainings on his own are nothing more but fake.

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