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Russian is Second Biggest Weaponry Exporter

USA still takes leading position in this filed.

26.May.15 10:40 AM
By Irina Suvorova


Russian is Second Biggest Weaponry Exporter
Vladimir Putin has recently announced that Russia owns 27% of weaponry market taking which makes the country second biggest weaponry exporter in the world. Recent statistics and calculations showed that export of domestic military products has reached $15.5 billion in 2014.

27% of market shares let Russia take the second place in this field. The United States still take the leading position having 31% of the market.

Putin also added that Russia can boast a stable portfolio of export orders on weaponry market. It value is over $50 billion at the moment. However, Russian president is certain that further improvement and development of the sphere is necessary.

The Head of State said that such results were possible due to special measures which were taken in order to optimize legislative system of military and technical cooperation. For instance, in 2014 process of taking decisions in this sphere has been simplified a lot. Moreover domestic producers and departments have a chance to arrange contacts with their foreign partners much easier and faster.

Numerous contracts on total sum of $14 billion have been signed during 2014. Nevertheless, Putin stressed that the country needs to set new targets and achieve them in the nearest future. They need to produce innovative and up-to-date weaponry of new generation as well as prepare qualified specialists in this field in order to help Russia take stable leading position on this market.

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