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Russian Hackers are the most dangerous in the World

Everyone is afraid of them.

10.Dec.14 2:48 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Hackers are the most dangerous in the World
Russian hackers are announced to be the most dangerous in the world. Such statement has been made by representatives of the British Cyber Safety Department. They said that Russian hackers are the most qualified and dangerous among all existing. MWR InfoSecurity Company has also provided its own statistics. According to this data such opinion is shared by more than 30% of experts.

At the same time representatives of MWR InfoSecurity note that this can be also connected with development of educational system in Russia along with political motivation. Second place in this rating stands for hackers from China. British hackers gained only 10% of all votes.

In accordance to the information provided by special researches have been made. They have shown that about 75% of cyber specialists are sure that lack of qualification makes British cyber safety rather weak. That is why it is being under attack all the time.

Technical director of MWR InfoSecurity said that it is rather hard to determine the nationality of hackers. This is due to the fact that they are masking and trying to hide their activity by all means. On the other hand Russia and China are two countries where the biggest number of harmful software is created.

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