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Russian Government Will Present the Map of Damaged Roads

Major claims are regarding regional highways.

14.Jul.15 6:43 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russian Government Will Present the Map of Damaged Roads
Russian government is planning to create a map of damaged roads and highways. It is known that Vladimir Putin is going to discuss current condition of Russian roads during his meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Transport. According to unofficial sources the Ministry will be ordered to create an interactive map of all damaged regional highways.

It is also known that current conditions of regional highways will be the main topic to discuss during the upcoming meeting. The problem is still unsolved and there are lots of claims to roads’ conditions in Russia.

It should also be noted that government invests huge amount of funds in order to improve the situation. It also strengthens supervision of responsible figures. Nevertheless, such measures seem to be not enough to meet requirements and expectations of Russian drivers. They still complain on road conditions sometimes in rather funny and unusual way.

For example, citizens of Ryazan drew caricature of their mayor on damaged spots of the road. However, those drawings quickly vanished while holes are still there. There are lots of problems with roads and highways in other Russian regions and rivers permanently complain. But their efforts have no effect at all.

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