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Russian Government will Control Religious Financial Organizations

Ministry of Justice will handle the situation.

29.Apr.15 4:56 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russian Government will Control Religious Financial Organizations
Russian government introduced new law to the State Duma. This law is related to operations of all types of religious financial organizations. The idea is to keep those operations under governmental control. Ministry of Justice has officially been assigned to handle the situation. It will proceed with regular examinations of religious financial organizations which are based on foreign financing. At the same time Ministry will also reveal all types of extremist activities as well as any other types of law violation.

It is noted that new law will make it easier to identify religious organizations which can be connected with different extremist or even terroristic actions.

At the same time new law establishes special rules and obligations for those religious organizations which get any types of foreign and international financial support as well other types of property. They will be obliged to provide Ministry of Justice with regular report on sources of their foreign financing.

Experts who review new law say that such measures are extremely necessary due to a growing number of different religious organizations formed on the territory of Russian Federation. They are mostly financed by foreign funds which are not controlled by the government.

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