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Russian Drivers Will be Obliged to Have Anti-Skid Chains During Winter

Project of new law has been introduced to State Duma Deputies in March 27th.

30.Mar.15 7:44 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Russian Drivers Will be Obliged to Have Anti-Skid Chains During Winter
Dmitry Nosov from LDPR political party is the author and initiator of new project. He offered fines and additional sanctions and punishments for drivers of large and heavy vehicles that do not use special anti-slid chains during winter season.

Dmitry Nosov said that such measures are necessary considering huge number of accidents and dangerous situations on Russian roads which permanently occur during winter. They result in collisions, congested roads and enormous traffic jams on main highways of the country.

New law offers making several changes in already existing obligations related to traffic safety precautions. This time drivers of vehicles which weigh more than 3.5 tons will be obliged to have antiskid chains starting from October till March.

If new law will be accepted by State Duma Deputies of Russian Federation, drivers who will not follow new rules will be fined on up to $50.

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