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Russian Directors Ask to Return Swear Words to the Cinema

Such letter has already been signed by a number of famous Russian directors.

23.Jan.15 5:16 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Directors Ask to Return Swear Words to the Cinema
Russian directors turned to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a claim to return swear words to the cinema. They also ask to make several changes in the law which is connected with censorship in art and cinema. A letter with such offer has already been signed by such popular directors as Fedor Bondarchuk, Nikita Mihalkov, Karen Shahnazarov, Oleg Tabakov, Sergey Miroshnichenko and Vladimir Hortinenko.

In accordance with this letter swearing can be considered as a part of Russian nonmaterial heritage. It reflects some customs and traditions. At the same time it was rather often used by legendary Russian poets and writers in their works. The main idea of swearing is the fact that it can reflect the depth of the situation or event as well as reveal new forms of main characters and heroes. It also adds emotional color and expression.

Directors offer to limit the availability of films where swearing is used up to 18+. At the same time all directors who have signed this letter are certain about the fact that prohibition of using swearing in Russian films is overestimated and to the detriment of the cultural development. It also limits opportunities of director to show the inner world of specific situations and relations between heroes.

It should be noted that Russian Ministry of Culture has already prepared several changes in the law regarding censorship. Those changes will make it possible for directors to avoid existing rules in order to use swearing on legal basics.

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