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Russian Deputies want to Freeze CTP Insurance Tariffs by 2017

Earlier CTP tariffs were increased by 40%.

25.Mar.15 5:57 PM
By Abigail Richards
Photo mexperience


Russian Deputies want to Freeze CTP Insurance Tariffs by 2017
Deputies from LDPR political party offered to input a ban on increase of CTP insurance tariffs. They have also introduced new project of law which offers freezing of CTP tariffs which came into force starting from January 1st 2015. At the same time deputies are sure that CTP tariffs and coefficients should be frozen by 2017.    IT should also be noted that Central Bank of Russia decided to increase the level of tariffs by 40% earlier.

“There is no need to push on auto owners considering tough economic situation in the country.  Otherwise we will inevitable witness parallel growth of black market which will offer purchasing of fake or stolen CTP insurance policies’, - said one of the project authors Igor Lebedev.

At the same time deputies offer to establish special requirements which will fix the rate of CTP tariffs during year as well as their coefficients and requirements to other parameters of tariffs’ structure and regulation conditions. In other words CTP tariffs can be changed not more than once a year. Moreover deputies offer to hold public parliamentary hearings whenever offer to increase tariffs appear.

It should also be noted that basic CTP tariff will be increased by 40% in April. At the same time insurance companies still have a right to make it 20% higher.

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