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Russian Cure from AIDS will be Available in 2018

There is a lack of funds to continue research and experiments of new vaccine.

26.Jan.15 2:01 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Russian Cure from AIDS will be Available in 2018
Russian scientists have invented therapeutic cure from AIDS. This vaccine is supposed to be in stock in 2018. The main problem is the lack of funds which are necessary to continue all examinations and additional researches.

Two types of vaccines have been developed by Russian scientists starting from 1997. One of them is therapeutic and another is prophylactic. More than $1.5 million have been invested in this project. The first stage of clinical test was over in 2010. Developers managed to win competition arranged by Ministry of Industry and Sales three years after that. In 2013 they received necessary funds to proceed with further tests and experiments.

Second stage of clinical tests was supposed to be finished in 2015. The cure was considered to be tested in humans after that in order to determine optimum dosage and usage. Speaking about prophylactic government is not able to provide necessary funds at the moment.

There are 880 thousand Russian people who are infected with AIDS. Only 100 thousand of them receive necessary medications and health care. About $300 00 are annually spent on purchasing foreign treatments and medications.
At the same time the Head of the development group is sure that it would be less expensive for the government to complete tests and development of both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines which will make it possible to save money in future and provide all AIODS infected people with necessary treatment.

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