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Russian Companies Report about Salary Reduction

Recalculation of employees’ salaries has already started.

10.Apr.15 11:04 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Companies Report about Salary Reduction
Russian companies have officially reported about the fact that salaries of its employees will be reduced. According to available information every third Russian company has launched salary reduction process. Wages will be recalculated in comparison with previous salary rates. This fact is confirmed by latest results of the survey made by HeadHunter Salary Plan Database last month. Over 480 Russian companies took part in this survey.

According to survey results 47% of all Russian companies have not planned salary reduction at the beginning of 2015. This number reduced to 40% by the end of March. At the same time the number of companies which planned to increase employees’ salaries has also decreased. Some directors and owners of Russian enterprises noted that they had to reviews current wages due to economic situation in the country. In some companies the level of salaries was reduced by 30%. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the year only 13% of companies were planning to take such measures this number has increased up to 17%.    

Sociologists say that industrial field faced the biggest financial problems. 55% of companies were forced to reduce salaries of their employees. The same situation is in sales filed. 62% of enterprises which operate in sales segment also had to take such measures. Marketing agencies, banks, transport companies are also among enterprises which face serious financial problems.

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