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Russian Communisis Want to Collect Taxes from Google, eBay and PayPal

Such measures can be taken due to transferring of servers to the territory of Russian Federation.

28.Apr.15 12:52 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Russian Communisis Want to Collect Taxes from Google, eBay and PayPal
Deputies from Communists Political Party have already prepared written offer that will be forwarded to Federal Tax Service of Russian Federation. According to this offer State Duma deputies are eager to collect taxes from transnational corporations including Google, eBay and PayPal.

Valery Rushkin and Sergey Obuhov were initiators of this offer. Both officials are remembers of Russian Communistic Political Party. They are sure that operation of abovementioned companies which deals with online mobile apps selling and purchasing must also be taxed.

Such measures can be taken in view of the fact that companiesí servers have already been transferred to the territory of Russian Federation in accordance with the law related to storage of usersí personal data. This law will come into force starting from September 21, 2015.

Earlier these companies were able to operate without taxing due to the fact that their servers were located outside Russian Federation.

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