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Russian Children will be allowed to use Railway Transport without any IDs

Notarized copies of documents will be more than enough.

14.Jan.15 12:55 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Children will be allowed to use Railway Transport without any IDs
Russian children under 14 will be able to go by trains without carrying original IDs. Ministry of Transport offers to exclude such obligation from already existing transportation law. Deputies are sure that notarized copy of documents will be more than enough in such situation. Such information is available in official draft amendments to government regulations.

It should be noted that all passengers who are using railway transport were obliged to have original IDs starting from summer 2014. This fact made it rather hard for many children to rich their destination during summer vacations.

Such measures are taken in order to avoid the same situation this year. The officials have already introduced their project of draft amendments to government regulations that will allow children under 14 use railway transport without original IDs. At the same time they offer to create united central data base of all passengers.

At the same time it should be noted that children over 14 will be obliged to have their passports. Otherwise they will not be allowed using railway transport.

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