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Russian Astronauts Used Tablet to Control the Spaceship

It will make it possible to refuse from paper onboard instructions.

01.Apr.15 6:54 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Astronauts Used Tablet to Control the Spaceship
Russian astronauts for the first time in their history used tablet for controlling the spacecraft. If the experiment is successful it will let them refuse from using paper onboard instructions in future.

It should also be noted that crew of “Union TMA-16M” spaceship were using tablet for controlling their spacecraft during the flight towards International Space Station.

Media office of ”Energy” Company that constructed the spacecraft paid attention to the fact that all necessary information about flight and crew was kept in memory of tablet. The information included the full set of necessary onboard documentation as well as flight program and ballistics information regarding dynamic operations. Developers made the process of navigation rather easy and fast with the help of special links and searching system.

Specialists of the company also stated that the main aim of this experiment is to examine technical characteristics and specifications software that would be developed for crews of other spaceships in future. Such software will make control of the spacecraft much easier and more efficient. At the same time there will be no need in suing paper onboard documentation.

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