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Russia will not suffer from products deficit due to sanctions

Such point of view was shared by Minister of Agriculture.

14.Aug.14 2:52 PM
By Mihail Prygunov


Russia will not suffer from products deficit due to sanctions
The Head of Ministry of Agriculture Nikolay Fedorov is sure that share of products which are imported by companies under Russian sanctions is rather small. That is why it will not be difficult to replace these products with alternatives from other countries.

The overall volume of beef import from limited countries is 59 thousand tons. At the same time the overall level of beef consumption is 3.425 million tons. This gap can be easily covered by import from Brazil. The main problem may appear with import of pork. However there is nothing critical. The overall volume of imported pork is 450 thousand tons while the level of consumption is 3.4 million tons.

Speaking about other categories of products the figures are the following:

- Import of poultry is 338 thousand tons; the level of consumption is 4.2 million tons

- Import of fish is 457 million tons; consumption is 3.34 million tons

- Import of dairy products is 459 million tons; consumption level is 26 million tons.

In case all decisions are taken correctly, Russia will not suffer from deficit of products because of sanctions.

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