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Russia will not increase Taxes in 2015

Such decision will be in force during the following 4 years.

13.Jan.15 12:34 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russia will not increase Taxes in 2015
Tax rate will be the same in 2015 in Russia. Government is not planning to increase it. The official statement was made by the Deputy Head of Russian Ministry of Finance Sergey Shatalov. He said the government will not increase the level of taxes in during 2015. At the same time the official paid attention to the fact that level of tax burden can also be increased. This is mostly due to worsening of economic situation in the country.

We should also remind our readers about the fact that Putin promised to fix the tax rate while addressing to the Federal Assembly. Such conditions will be fixed at least for 4 years. However it has become obvious that such decision can be changed considering worsening economic conditions.

Shatalov noted that Russian government is now acting in accordance with prior plans and orders. They also include freezing of tax regime in order to complete those tasks which have been set in advance. However it is rather hard to make any forecasts in such situation. Specialists and experts are not able to predict further development of economy at the moment. That is why some changes can take place.

In accordance to the Deputy Head of Ministry of Finance there are only two ways in such crisis. They include reduction of costs and tax increase. The government is following the first way at the moment.

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