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Russia will not expand the list of countries in food embargo

This prohibition is likely to be renewed.

31.May.16 7:40 AM
By Alesya Davydova


Russia will not expand the list of countries in food embargo
The government may take a decision on the renewal of the food embargo against countries of the European Union prior to the beginning of August. However, the list of countries and products that fall under restrictions will not be extended. On Monday RIA Novosti reported, citing Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

Dvorkovich reminded that the food sanctions against a number of European goods are in Russia until the beginning of August.

- Of course, until that time, if not will be some wonderful changes in geopolitics, I think this document will be accepted, - said Deputy Prime Minister, speaking on the extension of the restrictions.

At the same time, answering journalists ' questions about the possible expansion of the list of countries or goods that fall under the embargo, Deputy Prime Minister assured that such an option is not considered by the government.

Russia has restricted imports of a number of European and American goods in response to Western sanctions in 2014. A ban were meat, dairy, agricultural products and seafood.

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