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Russia will discuss with Denmark and Canada disputed issues on borders in the Arctic

The Minister of natural resources and environment of Russia said that the interests of these States overlap with the interests of our country.

15.Jul.16 7:37 AM
By Daria Abushaeva


Russia will discuss with Denmark and Canada disputed issues on borders in the Arctic
The head of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russian Federation Sergei Donskoi said that the Ministry is going to organize additional negotiations with Denmark and Canada at the controversial moments of the extension of the limits of the continental shelf in the Arctic. On it informs "Interfax".

The source quoted Minister that Denmark gave their vision on the Arctic shelf, which overlaps with the Russian application. As the news one way or another, according to it, there are negotiations with Denmark and Canada, which also includes the crossing.

Moreover, according to the publication, the Minister stated that some of the questions on the Russian submission may be removed in the process of its presentation at the UN sub-Commission next month.

It should be recalled that at the beginning of this year, Donskoy announced that our country expects from the United Nations Commission approval of the application for the continental shelf in the Arctic after five years.

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