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Russia will build piloted Space Craft to explore Moon

Russia is likely to proceed with flight to the moon.

30.Jan.15 12:02 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russia will build piloted Space Craft to explore Moon
“Energy” space rocket corporation is working on creation of new piloted space craft which will make it possible to proceed with flights to the moon. The project of the craft is developed in cooperation with enterprises which operate in the field of space rocket industry.

Deputy Head of the corporation Nikolay Bryuhanov noted that the main aim is to create a space craft which will be able to bring the crew to high orbits including orbit of the moon. At the same time this craft should have enough resources in order to bring the crew back, of course.

He also said that development of the new craft will take place in accordance with all necessary requirements and standards which are established by UN. Such standards are mostly related to pollution of space and safety of Earth infrastructure. Developers of the space craft say that procedure of compartments separation will be followed by additional impulse that will burn engine compartment above waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

In accordance with available information Russian program of space exploration includes flights to the moon. They are supposed to be made in 2030. This space program is developed by experts and scientists of Roskosmos, Rosatom and Institute of Space research.

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