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Russia Takes Pictures of Narcotic Plants from Space

Special system is used for this purpose.

06.Feb.15 8:44 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russia Takes Pictures of Narcotic Plants from Space
Russian Space Systems Company is ready to provide foreign countries with pictures of narcotic plants crops which are located on their territories. Such statement was made by the deputy director of the company Evgeniy Nesterov. He also told about unique technologies which are used for making photos from space.

Nesterov paid attention to several abilities and options of the system which make it easy to determine locations and sources of diamonds, gold, hydrocarbons, iron ore and other natural resources and precious stones. At the same time system can be used to tracking infrastructure of different objects from space. It lets to record the slightest deviation in order to control conditions of nuclear stations, bridges and other important objects which are connected with high risks and call for safety precautions.

It should also be noted that narcotic monitoring system has been used in Russia starting from 2000’s. It was developed and implemented by specialists of Roskosmos. It is based on spectrozonal photography which makes it possible to photograph separate locations with crops. The cost of one set of such technologies is about $60 000.

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