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Russia Sells the Cheapest Smartphones

Retail chains decrease price on IT products.

25.Feb.15 9:17 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russia Sells the Cheapest Smartphones
According to the latest statistics the price of the most popular smartphones is the lowest in Russia in comparison with the rest of countries worldwide. This is due to low level of rubble exchange rate. This is why retail chains are faced to decrease price on IT products including smartphones. Sometimes the price is lower in comparison with recommended rate.

For example, some official retail chains offer their products at lower price in comparison with products which can be bought tax free in particular states in the USA.

For example, HTC One M8price is about $400 while in America this device will cost you about $500. The price of European version of the model is even higher.

The same thing is with another popular device. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact price on the Russian market is about $380. On the other hand in Western Countries its starts from not less than $500.

The biggest price difference is related to Nokia Lumia 830. This smartphone is in high demand at the moment. In Russia it will cost you about $300 while the starting price in the United States is $449.

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