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Russia promises to ensure stable gas supply via Belarus

Gazprom says that a dispute over gas prices will not interrupt the supplies.

21.Aug.16 11:56 AM
By Alesya Davydova


Russia promises to ensure stable gas supply via Belarus

Russian largest gas producer Gazprom is still committed to continue gas supplies to Europe via Belarus as well as shipping its contracted gas volumes to Belarus itself notwithstanding an ongoing price dispute with Minsk, says citing an official Gazprom statement. The motive was the meeting of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and Belarus' deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko on Thursday.

There is a contradiction between two countries concerning the prices of Russian gas for Belarus. Minsk insists on cutting the price from $132/1,000 cu m to $73/1,000 cu m referring to current market conditions. Moscow stays on the current price pointing to into an intergovernmental agreement, and reminds that Belarus still owes at least $200 million in unpaid bills for gas supplies so far in 2016

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is sure that the country should try to reduce imports of Russian gas and use more locally sourced fuels. He also added that Minsk has already replaced more than 2 Bcm/year of gas imports with local fuels. At the same time Gazprom continues its work on preparing Belarus' gas transportation system for the upcoming fall-winter season to ensure stable supplies.

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