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Russia: Nizhny Novgorod Teachers will get Smaller Salary

There is a lack of funds in the local budget.

08.Oct.14 11:33 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russia: Nizhny Novgorod Teachers will get Smaller Salary
Some teachers have already started complaining about the rapid decrease of their salaries. Moreover some school of Nizhny Novgorod have faces more serious problems. They have no money at all to pay their teachers. According to preliminary data the current deficit of duns is 1.5 million rubles.

On the other hand Deputy of State Duma Igor Bogdanov who is also a principal of school # 91 said that the main reason of such poor situation is the lack of financing which results in reduction of funds. There is not enough financing and funds for school in order to pay salaries to their teachers as well as purchase all necessary equipment for educational process. However all textbooks and additional equipment for studying has been already bought before the educational year has started. However there is not enough funds to pay teachers their salary.

Deputy Minister of Education in Nizhny Novgorod region Sergey Naumov has also shared his opinion about such problem. He paid attention to the fact that all schools have been warned about possible decrease in financing which is 95% completed. In other words all schools should plan their costs in accordance with available funds. This year financing has been reduced by 213.1 million rubles.

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