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Russia: Nizhny Novgorod spammers will be brought to responsibility

29 cases have been initiated for spreading unscrupulous advertisement in Nizhny Novgorod region.

29.Jul.14 2:05 PM
By Daria Zelichenko


Russia: Nizhny Novgorod spammers will be brought to responsibility
Special press conference has taken place. It was devoted to spreading of unscrupulous advertisement. The overall amount of fines for such type of violation is 1.8 million rubles for the period from January till June.

There have been lots of complaints from citizens. The majority of them were regarding SMS spamming. 5 cases have already been initiated in accordance with law. People receive SMS massages with advertisement without their agreement. The overall amount of complaints from Nizhny Novgorod citizens in 2014 is 235. At the same time there are also lots of complaints regarding unscrupulous advertisement of alcohol and medical services. All of them are against federal law.

The Head of Financial Markets Control Olga Shvetsova said that 29 cases have been initiated over the first half-year.

Despite the fact that mobile operators are ready to cooperate with government in order to prevent such violations of the law, very few spammers are punished. Only 3 organizations have been fined during the last year. They were obliged to pay 100 thousand rubles.

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