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Russia: more than 400 photos were presented at “Volzhskiy Biennale” festival

International photo festival is now taking place at Nizhniy Novgorod Photography Museum

06.Jul.14 11:26 AM
By D.S.


Russia: more than 400 photos were presented at “Volzhskiy Biennale” festival
The 28-th of July turned out to be an opening night for the International festival of photo art which is called “Volzhskiy Biennale-2014”. The main goal of this festival is to let photo amateurs from all over the world meet real masters of this art and take part in their lectures and professional classes.

At the same time “Volzhskiy Biennale” festival makes it possible for everyone to participate in competition for the best press and art photo.

The winner will be announced by the jury at the end of the festival. By the way, the jury consists not only of Russian photographers, but also of German, French, Indian, Belorussian and even Serbian masters of the art.

It should also be mentioned that the jury will try to do their best in order to choose a winning photo. More than 400 pictures take place in this competition.

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