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Russia: Kstovo timeplace video will be available in the internet

This exciting video will show the most beautiful places and surroundings of this town.

06.Aug.14 9:52 AM
By Alexey Kuritsyn
Photo freeze-frame video


Russia: Kstovo timeplace video will be available in the internet

Way Production Company has released timeplace video devoted to Kstovov. This information was provided by creator of this video Sergey Shegolkov. He said that this is the first video about Kstovo.

It shows all main places of interest which include the eternal flame at the Mir Square, Mir Boulevard with a sculpture of deer, footbridge and beautiful surroundings of this town which are popular for their beautiful nature and picturesque views.

It took creators two month in order to shoot this video. More than 5 000 photos of different places in Kstovo have been used.

This video has turned out to be very patriotic and soulful. It is available on the Russian version of our website.

Interesting information

Slow motion filming is filming that is shot with lower frequency in comparison with standard filming. The speed of projection is 24 frames per 1 second.

Single-frame shooting is another type of slow motion filming. Its main feature is the fact that shooting mechanism is stopped during the major part of filming while exposure is performed with large intervals frame by frame. Sometimes this interval can be up to several minutes in order to register slow processes. Single-frame shooting is also used in animation.

When the video is played with a normal speed, illusion of motion acceleration appears. There is a special Time-lapse photography term for such effect. It means single-frame shooting with the help of digital camera which replaces time-lapse filming technology.

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