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Russia is trying to expand its borders

This will increase the production of hydrocarbons.

13.Feb.17 3:28 AM
By Catherine Brooke


Russia is trying to expand its borders
Russia applied to the United Nations to expand the boundaries of its continental shelf in the North of the country. In the Ministry of natural resources hope the answer is soon obtained. As noted in the Department, now there is a discussion of this bill.

It should be noted that the application was sent back in 2015, however, to its consideration by the relevant Committee of the organization started recently. Our country wants to expand its borders in the Arctic, having in its composition the underwater Lomonosov ridge, which stretches along the North pole.

By the way, that ridge was annexed, Russia should prove that the mountains are part of the Russian continental shelf.

As noted in the Ministry, in February the UN Committee will work in conjunction with Russian officials to work out specific issues of the bill. It is worth noting that the international Commission when considering the application of a special activity does not show.

For reference. Their claim to Lomonosov ridge and Mendeleev ridges Russia announced in 2001, but then the application was rejected due to the lack of strong evidence and lack of geological information. The last 10 years in these areas of the Russian experts conducted an active survey of the seabed and the study of rock samples recovered from the bottom of the ocean.

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