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Russia is in Top 3 Countries in Arm Export

Rating is based on statistics during 2010-2014.

16.Mar.15 2:19 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Russia is in Top 3 Countries in Arm Export
Russian federation takes second place in world rating of leading weapon exporters. This rating was created on base of statistics from 2010 to 2014. The information was officially provided in report of SIPRI representatives.

According to available information which is contained in this document Russian share in world’s weapon export is 27%. At the same time it should be noted that it increased its export volume by 37% on weaponry market over the last 4 years. Purchasers of Russian weapon represent more than 56 different countries worldwide. 6-% of all weaponry is purchased by India, China and Algeria.

ISA still takes the lead in this rating increasing its export volume by 23%. Its share on the weaponry market is 31%. 94 countries are permanent purchasers. 32% of all deals with the US exporters belong to the Near East.

China takes third place in this rating. It should be noted that this country took only 9th place recently. However, Peking managed to increase weaponry export volume by 143%. Now its share on world’s weaponry market is 5%.
At the same time experts pay attention to the fact that share of EU has decreased by 16% over the last 5 years. It led to a very low position of all countries which are included in E. Their common share has become even lower in comparison with the United States and Russia though it was higher in 2005-2008.

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