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Russia is in Top 3 Countries with the Biggest Internet Volume

The United States take the first place in this rating.

06.Apr.15 3:45 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russia is in Top 3 Countries with the Biggest Internet Volume
Russian federation has entered top-3list of countries with the biggest Internet volume. The list also includes the United States and Great Britain which take first and second place respectively. Russia is first among non-English speaking countries in such rating. Official data and statistic results have been provided by SimilarWeb Company.
According to available information one third of global traffic is provided by Internet users from the United States.

Great Britain users generate 5.51$ of world’s traffic while Russia has 5.05% of unique visitors. It should also be noted that Russian federation managed to overtake such countries as Brazil, France, Germany, India, Canada and Japan.
At the same time experts and analytics say that they consider not only direct traffic but also commercial traffic from search engines which includes social media and various other sources. Metrics contains 1.5 million direct conversions on different websites. Another important fact is that users from over 200 countries took part in this research.

Statistics results do not include the share of Chinese traffic as no research works are held in this country. Traffic is not monitored by outside statistic companies and agencies. This is due to the fact that people in China are limited in their Internet access and they are not able visiting various resources available in the global net.

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