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Russia is dissatisfied with the decision to extradite the alleged Bitcoin money launderer

The Russian Foreign Ministry sharply criticized the decision of the Greek court to extradite Alexander Vinnik to the US for his alleged role in money laundering through the BTC-e bitcoin exchange.

06.Oct.17 1:58 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Russia is dissatisfied with the decision to extradite the alleged Bitcoin money launderer

In a statement, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs said today that they have noted with regret that the court decided to comply with the US request for the extradition of Vinnik, who was arrested in Greece in late July and was charged with laundering billions of dollars in bitcoin through the exchange.

Both Vinnik and BTC-e were later charged by US prosecutors, and FinCEN passed a $ 110 million fine after the publication of the sealed indictment.

Since then, Vinnik has stayed in Greece until the extradition process was completed. During that time, the Russian government transferred to the extradition of Vinnik for unrelated charges, which was approved by Vinnik himself in the statement "Russia Today".

To date, Vinnik has claimed that he is innocent of the charges, although he claims to have worked on the BTC-e in the past. BTC-e, for its part, has denied Vinnik's participation, and since the domain site of the exchange was seized by US agents, he has moved to create a new exchange of cryptocurrencies.

But this week's decision by the Greek judge was met with alarm by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which in its statement called on the court to reconsider the decision.

The statement, in particular, does not mention the BTC-e or the specific crimes for which Vinnik has been accused. Nevertheless, it notes that Vinnik's legal team will appeal this decision, potentially leaving him in the Greek Ministry of Justice to decide on where the Russian citizen will be sent.

The Foreign Ministry also expressed the hope that Vinnik would eventually be extradited to Russia.

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