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Russia increased oil production by 10% Rosstat

In March Russia has greatly increased oil production compared to February and came in first place in the world on this indicator. Rosstat has published statistics according to which for the first month of spring has an average daily production of this raw material in Russia has risen from 9,671 million to 10,655 million barrels.

28.May.17 1:19 PM
By Christina Orlina


Russia increased oil production by 10%  Rosstat
Saudi Arabia the eternal competitor of Russia for global leadership in oil production in March remained in second place. Although, according to Rosstat, the still increased the daily production to 9,994 million barrels a day from February 9,952 million b/s Growth, of course, comparable to the Russian only 0.4%.

Interestingly, in the first months of the past winter, Russia has produced more oil than Saudi Arabia. And in February the domestic oil industry slowed down, losing to Saudi global championship. Most likely, this is due to the later reduction of production in the framework of the Vienna agreement. Saudi Arabia for climatic reasons previously set to work and implemented the plan.

All the OPEC countries put together in March brought 31,928 million b/d, Rosstat reports. Including the second in the cartel oil producer Iraq 4,402 million b/d.

Oil exports from Russia in the first quarter of 2017 increased slightly in comparison with January March 2016. At least, if you take relative numbers. The proportion of "black gold" in the total volume of Russian exports amounted to 27.9%, in exports of energy products- 43,4%. In the first quarter of last year, these figures were more modest at 23% and 39.1%, respectively.

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