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Russia: Inattentive driver nearly hit 5-year old girl

A man was not certain about the safety of his actions.

25.Sep.14 12:04 PM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Russia: Inattentive driver nearly hit 5-year old girl
Car accident has taken place on the 22nd of September in garage and building cooperative society which is located in Smolino village, Volodarsky district. Inattentive driver nearly hit 5-year old girl.

He was driving his Nissan pout of the garage. However he has not checked whether it was safe to move forward.  As a result, a driver hit a child. A girl was injured and immediately taken to the hospital.

She was together with her father in a garage. However he was busy with his own things and was not able to look after the kid. Such recklessness resulted in accident and injuries. Traffic police is still looking into this case.

NOTE: Nizhny Novgorod Traffic Police pays attention of all drivers to the fact that parents must control their kids behavior especially in those places where the possibility of transport occurring is high.

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