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Russia has banned money transfers to Ukraine

This decision was made by deputies of the state Duma.

24.Mar.17 4:37 AM
By Catherine Brooke


Russia has banned money transfers to Ukraine
Thursday, March 23, it became known that remittances from Russia to Ukraine is forbidden at the state level. This decision before it was approved by deputies of the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

Thus, several millions of Ukrainian citizens who are forced to earn money in Russia, so their families could make ends meet on Ukraine, will not be able to send money to relatives. Will have to take home cash in their pockets.

It is worth to mention that MPs banned not everything transfers, but only transfers via international payment systems, domestic products are exempted. However, the families working the money still won't get: back in the fall of 2016, the Ukrainian authorities have forbidden to work in their country of Russian payment systems. Thus, all paths were blocked.

In addition, as of March 23, come into force the sanctions that Kiev has imposed against Russian banks and their subsidiary credit organizations, forbidding to withdraw profits abroad. In response, Russian MPs and took a decision to limit transfers.

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