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Russia: Germicidal lamps are installed in Nizhny Novgorod schools

These lamps will prevent infection diseases and flu.

22.Sep.14 6:21 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russia: Germicidal lamps are installed in Nizhny Novgorod schools
More than 400 thousand germicidal lamps have already been installed in Nizhny Novgorod schools. This information was provided by the Director of Education Department in City Administration Irina Tarasova during a special meeting.

She said that these lamps are able to prevent occurring of several infection diseases as well as flu in educational establishments. Principals of all schools in the city have already bought such lamps and installed them in every cabinet. Tarasova paid attention to the fact that lamps will be installed on the walls in order to provide the highest level of protection from different kinds of harmful bacteria for pupils and teachers.

All germicidal lamps have been bought using funds from the city budget.

Interesting information:

Germicidal lamp is electric low pressure mercury lamp that is produced using uviol glass or other types of materials. It is able to provide the given transmission spectrum of ultraviolet radiation which has disinfecting features. These lamps are commonly used for disinfection of air and surfaces inside the room. They can also be used for water disinfection and purifying, sterilizing of special medical instruments, etc. Another advantage of such lamps is the fact that they are very efficient while eliminating different viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, yeast, spores, etc.

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