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Russia: gardeners from Nizhny Novgorod wrote a letter to the President

Gardeners are sure I will help to solve their problem.

23.Aug.14 9:54 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russia: gardeners from Nizhny Novgorod wrote a letter to the President
On the 19th of August “Rodnik” gardeners’ community held a rally against dump which is located on the territory of gardens.

This community was founded in 1949 and owes more than 15 hectares of lands. However dumps have started to appear on the territory of gardens. People illegally throw rubbish there. That is why gardeners decided to hold a rally against these dumps.

They turned to all citizens of Nizhny Novgorod in order to pay their attention to the fact that starting from 2007 businessmen of Nizhny Novgorod region have turned profitable gardening into piles of waste and rubbish. They contain petroleum products, debris, salt snow and other waste which is to the detriments of gardens. Members of community note that almost a half of all area which belongs to community is full of rubbish and different waste.

Gardeners will make special excursions for all caring citizens and officials in order they could see the situation with their own eyes. At the same time special presents are also prepared for everyone who will take part in such excursion.

Moreover members of community have written a letter to Vladimir Putin and asked him to take the situation under his control. Gardeners are sure that this is the only solution to their problem.

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