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Russia Establishes New Import Limitations

Customs office started working out new limitations.

20.Apr.15 12:50 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russia Establishes New Import Limitations
Russian Federation is about to establish new product import limitations. Federal customs office offered implementation of new import limitations for individuals.

It should also be noted that cost and weight limitations have already come into force. Air passengers are allowed importing goods without declarations and taxes on sum equaling 10,000. At the same time the overall weight of goods they carry should not exceed 50 kilograms. Speaking about used products, they can be imported without any limitations. However this factor is used by some foreigners to import goods in form of gifts and sell them on the territory of Russian federation without paying taxes. That is why officials are sure that such situation must be fixed.
On the other hand not all deputies share the same opinion. Some say that customs office has enough tools to determine and indicate violators.

It should be noted that this topic occurred in view of Eurasian Economic Union Tax Code preparation. According to unofficial information possible limitations will be reviews by the government within the following week during the meeting by a special operational group.

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