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Russia: Construction of North bypass will start in two years

Project and survey works will be held before the construction.

14.Aug.14 1:51 PM
By Mihail Prygunov


Russia: Construction of North bypass will start in two years
The Head of Ministry of Transport in Nizhniy Novgorod region Alexander Gerasimenko examined the quality of road repairing works. He said that it would take two years to proceed with all necessary project works connected with construction of North bypass. As soon as everything ready, building process will start.

The overall costs of such a huge project are evaluated in the amount of 42 billion rubles. Federal budget will provide with the major part of necessary funds for building North bypass. The rest of funds will be provided by regional budget.

The Head of Ministry of Transport has also said that territory with distance of 42 km has already been reserved for future construction works. At the same time 420 million rubles have already been provided for all necessary project works for creating of low pressure waterworks that will be combined with the bridge across Volga.

Gerasimenko also said that two great projects are being implemented at the moment. They include the third line of South bypass and understudy of Bortsky bridge.

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