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Russia: Capello got D for the FIFA World Cup 2014

Capello is still the head coach of Russian international football team. However he is ready to retire in case there is no trust.

31.Jul.14 2:06 PM
By Sportkor Irina


Russia: Capello got D for the FIFA World Cup 2014
One month has already passed after FIFA World Cup 2014. Once for many years the head coach of Russian International football team has presented a detailed report. It was totally devoted to performance of his team during the championship. Capello turned out to be the first coach who had to report about his work in the team.

The whole coaching staff received unsatisfactory marks for the last tournament. The same thing is with player of Russian International football team. While reporting Capello named the main reasons of such poor performance. From his point of view the main reason is the lack of high speeds.  At the same time limited choice of players has also influenced the overall result.  

The main goal for Fabio Capello is a thorough preparation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 which will take place in Russia. At the same time Euro 2016 qualifying matches will start in September 2014. Another primary goal is to take part in the final stage of this competition.

Capello also said that is someone is not satisfied with his work as the head coach he is ready to leave his position without any hesitations.

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