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Russia and China United to Fight Against Spices

Major part of spices is brought in Russia from China.

13.Apr.15 4:40 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russia and China United to Fight Against Spices
Russian Federal Drug Traffic Control Service reported about the fact that major part of so-called “spices” (narcotic smoking blends) come to Russian from Asian regions. Chine is also among them. Spices are illegally produced in underground chemical laboratories. That is why representatives of Russian federal Service are going to sing the agreement with Chinese Ministry of Defense. It will have a form of collaboration aimed on fighting with production and spreading of psycho active drugs called ”spices”.

According to statement made by Russian Federal Drug Traffic Control Service special operative meeting will be arranged. Director of Russian Federal Service Victor Ivanov met with met with member of Chinese State Council who is also Minister of Public defense Guo Shengkun will sign an agreement about cooperation aimed on prevention of drug production and spreading.

It is also known that the officials will also discuss several other questions during the upcoming meeting. Those questions will mainly be related to future perspectives of such collaboration. At the same time they will discuss possible methods and mechanisms of drug production prevention. At the same time it is said that both sides are aimed on arranging special anti-narcotic operations which will help to identify and terminate drug traffic channels.

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